Boris Kodjoe Clothing Line - Boris Kojo News Splash

The news is out that Ziami has invited fashion enthusiast to view Boris Kodje's line of clothing in Houston, TX. This will be taking place on the 5th of September. Fans of fashion will get to met Kodje at the wonderful event. Grey Goose is in charge of the Ziami/Kodje presentation.

Professionals are also invited to the event. This will afford them the chance to become Design consultants. They would be able to mingle with Kodje too.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to come out and enjoy the event. It's creating a lot of Buzz. You can come around and see why. The event will feature top grade, hand crafted fashion. We hear it's really going to be wonderful at the Ziami

Fashion Presentation. The information from Ziami is that, all the Kodje clothes are hand crafted, but the price however starts at about $99.

Want to know a bit about Boris Kodje? Boris Kodje was born in the city of Vienna, Austria. His mom is Ursula, a German psychologist. His dad is Eric Kodje, a Ghanian physician. He is also Jewish through is mum and maternal grandmother. Kodje also speaks French, German, English and Spanish. His brother is called Patrick and he has a siter named Nadja.

Kodje has always had a desire to become a professional tennis player. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. While there, he played tennis for the RAMS. His brother Patrick also played for VCU's basketball team. He had to give up his tennis playing due to a back injury. He then became a model and started acting.

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